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An overview of the information

Date: 2021/08/28
Start: 2.00 pm

Issue of race number:

Passage Linz, Landstraße 17-25, 4020 Linz – 1st floor next to the infopoint
4 pm – OÖ Familienkarte Junior Linzathlon
2 p.m. – Starting shot for the HappyFit Linzathlon
More information about the procedure will follow shortly! Be excited!

HappyFit Linzathlon:

26-10.2020 – 09.11.2020 55.00 €
10. 11.2020 – 11.01.2021 65.00 €
12. 01.2021 – 08.03.2021 70.00 €
09.03.2021 – 17.05.2021 75.00 €
18. 05.2021 – 09.08.2021 80.00 €
10.08.2021 – 22.08.2021 89.00 €

You can register at the starting number distribution, if there are still starting places available. Detailed information will follow.
Changes in the race number distribution cost 10€. Thanks for your understanding!

Men’s age groups:
15-35* (1985-2005) / 35-45 (1975-1984) / 45-55 (1965-1974) / 55+ (1964 + älter)

Women’s age groups:
15-35* (1985-2005) / 35-45 (1975-1984) / 45-55 (1965-1974) / 55+ (1964 + älter)

Women, Men, Mixed

Couple ratings: 2 runners***

Fire Department rating ****

Student rating ****

For the first time it is possible to register for all three “beat the city” events at the same time.
Special price of 169.-

For the first 5 of the series ranking there are of course great material prizes to be won!
(Ticket not transferable!)
Only the registration for a special classification is allowed.

*All those born between 19.9.2002 and 19.9.2005 can only participate if they present a declaration of consent from their parents when collecting their starting numbers.
**From 4 participants on you can compete in the Grazathlon as a team, the number of team members is unlimited. For the team classification you can assign a common, unique team name during the registration process. Make sure that the spelling of the team name is identical!
Each runner will also be included in the individual ranking. It will be rated male, female and mixed.
*** You can register yourself and your partner for the pair ranking. Please use a unique couple name and make sure that the spelling is identical for both registrations!
**** The evaluation is done as a team and in an individual evaluation, for the team evaluation please assign a common, unique team name. Please make sure that the spelling of the team name is identical for both registrations!

We’re awarding a prize to:

  • the three fastest ladies and gentlemen (irrelevant from which age group)
  • the three fastest teams (scores: men, women, mixed / 4 prizes each)
  • the fastest couple

Start times

(Subject to change!)

Block 1 – YELLOW (only top runners)

Block 2 – GREEN (racing -> under 1h 10min)

Block 3 – RED (ambitious -> under 1h 25min)

Block 4 – BLUE (cosy -> under 1h 40min)

Block 5 – ORANGE (Main thing is to get through -> over 1h 40min)

  • You can select your desired starting block when you register. Please be honest here, because it will benefit everyone if you judge your performance correctly.
  • We start every 4 minutes in waves of 100. Within the blocks the rule is “first come, first served”. This means that everyone who has registered for the same block can run together.
  • The starting numbers of the blocks each have a certain colour, so that the allocation is clear and “cheating” is not possible.

All inofrmation due to start number issuance is coming soon.

  • Digital starting bag (start number / cool goodies)
  • Baggage Storage
  • WCs
  • Car wash HOT
  • Lab stations

Information about the afterparty will follow soon!

An amazing gift for every occasion!

Order one or more vouchers via with which you can secure your starting place for the event . The vouchers will be sent to you by email after receipt of payment.

Payment options: bank transfer.

Code of honour of the Linzathlon

At least 20 obstacles – 4 rules:

  • Finishing and the fun of the challenge are the ultimate goals, not winning!
  • Safety first
  • Help when fellow campaigners need your help!
  • Behave like real sportsmen and women, do not push yourself forward and do not hinder other participants, especially not on the obstacles

Running gear
As for all sporting events, the right outfit is very important for the Linzathlon. That’s why we have put together a few guidelines and tips for you:

  • Spikes and shoes with Dobbs are prohibited. We recommend running shoes with a good profile.
  • Clothing: We hope the weather will be fine and that you will wear shorts and a t-shirt. Knee pads or knee-length pants can prevent abrasions.
  • Gloves: We recommend at least cycling gloves so that you can overcome certain obstacles more easily and without damage.

Arrival / Parking
We recommend the journey with the public means of transport!

Why don’t you contact Linz Tourism?

Phone: +43 732 7070 2009

If you are under 18 years of age, you have to bring a declaration of consent from your parents to the distribution of your race number!

You can download the declaration of consent here.

Here you can find our general conditions of participation!