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Race Information

Date: 25 June 2022

Start: 2.00 pm

Arena: Landestheater

26.10.2020 – 09.11.2020 55.00 €
10.11.2020 – 11.01.2021 65.00 €
12.01.2021 – 08.03.2021 70.00 €
09.03.2021 – 17.05.2021 75.00 €
18.05.2021 – 09.08.2021 80.00 €
10.08.2021 – 29.08.2021 89.00 €

You can sign up at the start numbers issuance, if there are still starting positions available.

If you want to make changes to your registration at the start number issuance we will charge 10€. Thank you for understanding. The online redemption of codes is also only possible until Sunday, 2 weeks before the event takes place. There is no redemption of codes at the start number issuance. Also bought codes lose their validity. Codes are not coupons!

More information coming soon!

Starting time: 2 pm

Block 1 – YELLOW (top runners only -> Info)
Block 2 – GREEN (racing -> unter 1h 10min)
Block 3 – RED (ambitious -> unter 1h 25min)
Block 4 – BLUE (unhurried -> unter 1h 40min)
Block 5 – ORANGE (getting through is the main thing -> over 1h 50min)

NEW 2021:

The starting blocks are divided into waves of 100. Each block of 100 is assigned a fixed start time. The starting time will be sent to you by mail after the closing date for entries and will also be noted on the start number. Athletes of the same team (same team name in the online registration) will be considered with the same starting time.

The starting area may only be entered 15 minutes before the fixed start time. If you miss your start time, you can start in an extra 100 block after the last start block.

Men’s age groups:
15-35*/35-45 /45-55/55+

Women’s age groups:
15-35*/35-45 /45-55/55+

Women, Men, Mixed

Couple ratings: 2 runners***

Student rating ****

Only the registration for one special classification is allowed.

*All those born between 04.09.2003 and 04.09.2006 can only participate if they present a declaration of consent from their parents when collecting their starting numbers.
**From 4 participants on you can compete for the competition as a team. The number of team members is unlimited. For the team classification you can assign a common, unique team name during the registration process. Make sure that the spelling of the team name is identical!
Each runner will also be included in the individual ranking. It will be rated male, female and mixed.
*** You can register yourself and your partner for the pair ranking. Please use a unique couple name and make sure that the spelling is identical for both registrations!
**** The evaluation is done as a team and in an individual evaluation, for the team evaluation please assign a common, unique team name. Please make sure that the spelling of the team name is identical for both registrations!

You want to be part of the whole beat the city series 2021? You want to start at the Happy Fit-Linzathlon, Innsbruckathlon AND E-Grazathlon?
Simply register on our website for all three beat the city events at the same time.

These are the dates:

Happy Fit Linzathlon,
28 August 2021

04 September 2021

11 September 2021

The special price for the beat the city series is 169€. Registration for the series is possible until 22 August 2021.

(Tickets are not transferable!)

We’re awarding a price to:

  • the three fastest ladies and gentlemen (irrelevant from which age group)
  • the three fastest teams (scores: men, women, mixed/4 prizes each)
  • the fastest couple
  • ultra-athlon winner

All inofrmation due to start number issuance is coming soon.

  • Digital goodie bag
  • Luggage deposit
  • Toilets
  • Hot showers
  • Changing room
  • Refreshment stations

With IVB to the Innsbruckathlon:

We suggest to use the public transport.

1,5h before and 1,5h after the run, the ride on one of the IVB buses is for free, if you have your starting number with you!

More information coming soon!

About Innsbruck:
Museum or mountain? Cowbells or baroque sounds? Running shoes or high heels? In the Innsbruck region you are spoilt for choice! Here, the city and the mountains are so closely melded that sightseeing and the mountain experience almost go hand in hand. To get to the starting points of the numerous trails in the region, it’s best to use public transportation, which is included in the free Welcome Card guest card (available at partner establishments from 2 nights). And if a breather and running break is needed, Innsbruck’s cultural treasures and natural beauty can be explored by bus and train up and down the region with the Welcome Card.

More information:

Contact Innsbruck Information & Reservations:

Innsbruck Incoming
Burggraben 3
6020 Innsbruck
+43 512 56 2000 or +43 512 5356
[email protected] and [email protected]

Directly to the booking:

More information coming soon!

The perfect gift for every occasion!

Order one or more vouchers via e-mail here: [email protected].

When cashed, we’ll send them to you by mail.

Code of honour

At least 20 obstacles – 4 rules:

  • Finishing and the fun of the challenge are the ultimate goals, not winning!
  • Safety first
  • Help when fellow campaigners need your help!
  • Behave like real sportsmen and sportswomen, do not push yourself forward and do not hinder other participants, especially not on the obstacles

Running gear
As for all sporting events, the right outfit is very important for the Innsbruckathlon. That’s why we have put together a few guidelines and tips for you:

  • Spikes and shoes with Dobbs are prohibited. We recommend running shoes with a good profile.
  • Clothing: We hope the weather will be fine and that you will wear shorts and a t-shirt. Knee pads or knee-length pants can prevent abrasions.
  • Gloves: We recommend at least cycling gloves so that you can overcome certain obstacles more easily and without damage.

Arrival / Parking
We recommend the journey with the public means of transport

Here you`ll find the conditions of participation!

Here you`ll find the conditions of participation for U18!

If you are under 18, you have to bring the agreement of participation with you at the start number issuance.

Here you’ll find the download link for the form.

You can only pick up your bib number if you bring the statement of agreement with you.

Here you can download the consent form.