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18 August 2021

3-G evidence obligation

For all participants, there is a 3-G evidence obligation, which must be valid from the start number issue until the official end of the event. This also applies to the junior contests. The 3-G evidence obligation also applies to relatives and spectators who are in the event arena. Children under the age of 12 are currently excluded from the 3-G evidence obligation.

We constantly monitor the current situation and developments. Of course we do not want to endanger the health of our participants under any circumstances. We consider all given hygiene measures as far as possible. Information and updates on the current situation can always be found here.

Our company also has its own Corona representative who keeps a close eye on everything and makes sure that we comply with all measures.

Cancellation conditions 2021

If the competitions cannot take place again in 2021 due to Covid-19, there are 2 options:

1.) VOUCHER FOR 2022
You will get a voucher for a competition of your choice in 2022.

Less 10% handling fee.

Cancelling conditions 2020

Since our 2020 competitions have been cancelled, you still have the opportunity to get a voucher for 2021:

1.) Register with your credentials on MaxFun and select the voucher option.

2.) Redeem voucher for an event of your choice in 2021